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I don't know how often this bit gets looked at - but I'd better give you some insight into who I am - even if I haven't completely worked that out myself - do we really ever?  What I do know is that first and foremost family means everything to me.  And not just my family - but yours too.  Every wedding I'm a part of, I become a part of the family - even if it's just for that day - it's one of my favourite things really.  They become as important to me, as they are to you.  
I am all about the people.
I'm bit of a dork - according to my kids!  I love hats and I love Dr Martens - I have quite a selection!
You've also probably noticed that I haven't mentioned the photography bit yet - but I'm also guessing you wouldn't be reading this, if you didn't like what you see.  

So, if you do like what you see ( and not just my face, but my photography too! ;) ) then get in contact - it all starts with a conversation.