2015 - in a nutshell


I won't lie - it's been a tricky year.  Not hard, not difficult - just a bit tricky.

You probably know that we're in the process of moving to Australia.  I moved to the UK nearly 20 years ago now, and it's time for me to go back.  Not because anyone needs me to - no one other than me!  And it's not because this Summer really let me down or this Winter has been beyond wet and not nearly cold enough!  (to be honest, in all those 20 years, the weather really hasn't bothered me - I grew up in Far North Queensland where it averaged about 22 C in the Winter, so I always thought I'd had my lifetime quota of heat and sunshine - until this Summer anyway!)

We're not moving because of the weather.  The main driving force is family.  The goodbyes are getting way too hard after visits - and until now, I could never work out the logisitcs in my head, as to where we would actually move to.  But 2 years ago, it popped into my head - we're moving to Melbourne!  It's taken a lot longer than we anticipated.  It has been dependant on the sale of the house - and not that there's anything wrong with our house, but it has taken a while to find someone with the same acquired tastes as ourselves!  We're still not quite there yet, but it's all part of the explanation as to 2015's trickiness!!

I'll get to the point.

Because we've never had an exact exit date, I haven't been able to take on nearly as much work as I would have liked.  With weddings, especially, being booked so far in advance, I just couldn't commit to many dates.  And so, it would be quite easy for me to say it's been bit of a shit year, photography wise, and I nearly didn't even bother to do a 'round-up' of 2015 at all.

What a mistake that would have been.  Although it's taken me a while to go through the year, it's been totally worth it.  I now realise what a super fabulous year 2015 was.  I may not have had a huge amount of work, but the work I did do was with some super amazing people.  And even with the distinct lack of 'work', I had Dare to keep me busy - with loads of challenges and pure inspiration to just keep shooting.  And beacuse of those people, and Dare, and all my friends and family who allowed (or put up with, rather) me having my camera in their faces a good part of 2015, I have the most incredible collection of photos to keep, and remind me, that although 2015 was a bit tricky, it was truly an incredible year.

How lucky am I.

So here it is.

2015 - in a nutshell (albeit a very large one!!) - some of my favourite images from weddings, families, street, dare challenges, and a LOT of my 3 favourite small people (althought they're catching up way too quickly to me!!)