2016 - And That's A Wrap!


What a year!

Work wise - it's been my quietest year. Personally - it's been a HUGE year.

In March we moved from our 450 year old home in Dorset UK, to Melbourne Australia.  Our old house was built some 200 years (ish) before Australia was 'discovered' (still blows my mind!).  It was a huge move - logistically AND emotionally.  Leaving firm friends - who where more like family - coming to actual family and having to make new friends. The kids have been superstars and taken it all in their stride - Mr T & I are so proud of them. It's taken us grown ups a little bit longer. I was well and truly 'let's just get the kids settled, and build a new website and drum up new business' mode - for a good part of the year.  Mr T was in 'find a job' mode.  It left very little time for much else.  However, the friends we have made, I believe, are firm friends. Work wise - it has been frustrating.  Building a new website and trying to be seen by a new audience brought me to tears - many a time. I'm not a patient person and I KNOW I can do this - I just need to be 'seen' to prove it. This old internet malarky has so many benefits and yet, it's so easy to be invisible too. However, little by little, I'm getting there - and looking back at everything I've shot this year, I couldn't be prouder of what I've achieved - not just work wise, but personally too.  And not just in 'real life' but in my photography too.

I shoot the same way for everything - weddings, babies, my family, your family - always looking for the light and striving to create an image true to that moment in time.

A HUGE thank you to my family - ALL of you - we couldn't have done this year without you. And thank you to the families and couples who trusted me to do what I love the most to do, for you.  And while I'm on the 'thank you's' - I will be forever grateful to Dare - without it, half of these images wouldn't even exist.

If you're new to my work - don't forget you can always see more on my INSTAGRAM and FB pages!  One of my New Year's Resolutions is to be much better at keeping them full of visual goodness - there, I've said it 'out loud' now, so I have to do it!

I'm so looking forward to what's coming in 2017 - lots of lovely new couples and adventures to come. Bring. It. On.

** NB - I have included some of my Nude Shoot in here - I'm incredibly proud of it, and I promise, it's very tasteful, but you may be subjected to a nipple or 2 - just sayin' **

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