5 things about me

  Another recent Dare project required me to take 5 images that depict me.  These are mine:


1.  Me in the kitchen.  If I'm not at my computer, then I'm generally in the kitchen.  I do love to cook & bake.  If I'm feeling a wee bit stressed, I find cooking one of the greatest de-stressers.  However I have to say that sometimes the every day cooking can take it's toll.  It's not so much the cooking - it's the thinking!  The thinking about what to buy to have for dinner.  What shall we have for dinner?  What's in the fridge?  What's for dinner mum?  When's dinner ready?  Oh - I don't like that.  Eugh - we ALWAYS have that!  But, everyone loves the baking!! - er except for my waiste line!!  766A1669


2.  My people.  My family.  We're all there.  We're a strong unit and we work pretty well together.  With Mr T working in London 3 days a week - we try to make the most of the time together when he is home.  So most meals are eaten together, around the table in the kitchen.  That's a big thing for me.  There's no telly in the kitchen,  and it's the time that we're all sitting down for 5 minutes catching up with each other before we go back to our lives of crazy!766A1842


3. Wellies.  I love my wellies I do.  3 of the below pairs belong to me.  Although as the children's feet constantly grow bigger, my wellies/shoes become less of 'mine' and more like 'ours'!!766A1850


4.  Bundy Rum (aka Bundaberg Rum)  It's been a part of my life since I was 18.  I remember my first day at Cromwell College (UQ) and one of the social convenors (Cards??) labled me the 'rum drinking, Khe Sahn singing Fresherette'!  I've had some big nights with the Bundy - but it has always remained my friend!766A1854


5.  My sunnies.  Anyone who knows me wouldn't be surprised to find a pair of sunnies - either on my head or on my face - ALL year round.  It can be really glarey in the winter too you know!!D62B6454

What are some things that make you you??