7 Days 7 Portraits

Another lovely Dare Challenge.

To take a Portrait every day for 7 days.

It came just at the right time too - as much as I love taking photos - sometimes I let 'life' get in the way.  To have committed to a challenge is the best way to get me to pick my camera up every day.  It took me a few days to get into the swing of things - I still took my portraits, but they were a bit rushed and not a huge amount of thought went into them.  And looking back - actually they were some of the better ones I took - I do have a habit of 'over thinking' things.

There were quite a few of us who took part in this challenge - and oh my - the work being produced was AMAZING.  So many talented photographers producing so many brilliant portraits.   I knew that a winning portrait would be picked at the end of the 7 days.  I didn't got into this challenge with a view to win - just a view to commit to the challenge and to take the best portraits I could.  And as the days went by, there was no way one of my portraits was going to win - there were SO many good portraits being produced.

But I did.  I won.  The above image was picked as the winner.  I can still hardly believe it myself - to be picked as the winner out of so many amazing images, I really am very chuffed and still can't quite believe it!  Can you tell!!

There's the full line up from the week - the first image is the one I submitted each day - the others were what I chose from.

DAY 1.


DAY 2.


DAY 3 - Winning Image!


DAY 4.


DAY 5.


DAY 6.


DAY 7.