A Burning Burial

It gets to a point where you just can't take everything with you - when you move to the other side of the world.Much fun was had building this catapult - and just as much fun was had burning it.  What's more fun than a (health and safety heavy) fuel enhanced ceremonial burning?!  (with bit of mini shoot in the middle)

766A7703 766A7704 766A7707 766A7708 766A7709 766A7713 766A7716 766A7717 766A7720 766A7721 766A7722 766A7723 766A7731 766A7737 766A7739 766A7741 766A7742 766A7747 766A7749 766A7752 766A7756 766A7759 766A7760 766A7764 766A7765 766A7770 766A7772 766A7774