I'm Anna.  
Have a good snoop around and if you like what you see, get in touch.  It all starts with a conversation.

A Carefree Family Shoot

I had such a lovely morning with this family.  They are so warm and welcoming - even when I turned up an hour early - oops!  But they had booked me for my Ordinary Moments package - which I offer to catch all of exactly that - the moments that you have every day - the 'real life' moments.  So to be able to catch them having breakfast, drying their hair and cleaning their teeth - for me, I wasn't an hour early - but right on time! TheShepherds006TheShepherds007TheShepherds008TheShepherds011TheShepherds013TheShepherds018TheShepherds025TheShepherds040TheShepherds046TheShepherds051TheShepherds055TheShepherds056TheShepherds070TheShepherds073TheShepherds076TheShepherds085TheShepherds086TheShepherds089TheShepherds099TheShepherds104TheShepherds120TheShepherds123TheShepherds138TheShepherds145TheShepherds150TheShepherds167TheShepherds168TheShepherds176TheShepherds179TheShepherds180TheShepherds195TheShepherds203TheShepherds215TheShepherds218TheShepherds216TheShepherds219TheShepherds226TheShepherds233TheShepherds247TheShepherds253TheShepherds269TheShepherds274TheShepherds286TheShepherds291TheShepherds293TheShepherds304TheShepherds313TheShepherds339

My Favourite Place

A Misty Morning Drive