A Melbourne Wedding Photographer on Tour

A few years ago I went a went to a Wedding Photography Workshop - Camp Commonfolk - and it was AHHHH-Mazing. I’ll be honest though - I struggled at the time - I didn’t know a soul and I discovered a thing called anxiety - which completely took me by surprise. But what I got out of that camp was unmeasurable at the time and it’s now, over 2 years later that I thank myself for riding through the constant wave of emotions while I was there.

It’s been a tough year in the life of Anna Taylor - of course, relative to other souls it has not. But for me, I’d reached a point where I needed a break. After ummming and ahhhing for a while, I had a proper ‘fuck it moment - I’m going to CCF18’ and booked then and there.

Of course, as it turns out, it couldn’t have been worse timing - just been given notice that we have to move out of our house by early December, weddings booked every weekend till then, and a son who had his Year 6 Musical performance during Camp time all lead to quite a stressful lead up.

But, boy am I glad I did it. And it was such a different experience too - having built up relationships with fellow campers since 2016 I knew I wasn’t going to be alone. That and going with a fellow Melbourne based tog, the ever lovely Tahnee, made a huge difference. Oh yeah - and mojitos…lots of mojitos.

Again, I got so much and such different things from the different speakers - Free the Bird, Zalmy Berkowitz (who has given cropping a whole new lease of life for me), Jimmons, the lovely Ben from Kings & Thieves, Hannah and all her chins from Keeper Creative, the nipple man himself, Aaron Shum, branding beauties Melissa & Leah, Claire Martin and her jaw dropping images, Danelle Bohnae and her wild #highkicks, and certainly one of my all time faves, Tasj Kremers.

But I have to say, it wasn’t just the speakers who refuelled my desire to keep breaking the rules, and just keep shooting - but so many of my fellow campers. In a way, we were all speakers and all campers - there really isn’t any difference. And that’s one of the things I love about this camp.

I also want to say the biggest of thank you’s to those who came up to me with a little ‘oh man, Anna I love your work…’ - you’ll never know how much that means to me to hear that from you. And I probably didn’t say it in return - and not because I don’t love your work, because I do - but I didn’t want it to sound like I was saying it just because you said it first… (yes, I’m an over-thinker). I am honestly in awe of all you and I’m so glad I got myself out of my head and be present enough to have conversations with you. And to those who put me in front of their cameras and put up with my super awkwardness - thank you. People rarely ask to take my photo, and that’s ok, but it means sooo much to be asked..

I can honestly say I wouldn’t be where I am today, in terms of my business and photography, if it wasn’t for CCF16 - so I can’t wait to see what CCF18 does for me. And if it wasn’t for the insane amount of work Jenna, Lauren and Glenn the people wouldn’t come. I love you guys so much and will be forever grateful for Camp Commonfolk.