Anna + Rich - An Edgy Barn Wedding

Oh my goodness.  This wedding was so...much...FUN.  It really was a laugh a minute.  Everyone made me feel so so welcome and made my job incredibly easy.  Anna & Rich have the best family and friends - being such cool cats themselves - it's really no wonder. Enjoy (in no particular order!)

TaylorTank227 D62B8038 766A6569 TaylorTank083 766A6621 TaylorTank295 TaylorTank479 TaylorTank268 TaylorTank166 TaylorTank131 TaylorTank446 TaylorTank558 TaylorTank081 TaylorTank101 TaylorTank022 TaylorTank299 TaylorTank003 TaylorTank046 TaylorTank283 TaylorTank431 TaylorTank256 TaylorTank526 TaylorTank502 TaylorTank435 TaylorTank293 TaylorTank179 TaylorTank069 TaylorTank078 TaylorTank038 TaylorTank006 TaylorTank011 TaylorTank151 766A6545 TaylorTank274 TaylorTank437 TaylorTank354 TaylorTank016 TaylorTank027 TaylorTank099 TaylorTank060 TaylorTank285 TaylorTank444 TaylorTank061 TaylorTank019 TaylorTank223 TaylorTank499 TaylorTank310 TaylorTank333 TaylorTank129 TaylorTank066 TaylorTank100 D62B9161 TaylorTank453 TaylorTank103 TaylorTank017 TaylorTank058 TaylorTank222 D62B8129 TaylorTank432 766A6791 TaylorTank488 TaylorTank405 TaylorTank493 TaylorTank040 TaylorTank014 TaylorTank032 TaylorTank175 TaylorTank049 TaylorTank177 TaylorTank106 766A6583 TaylorTank350 TaylorTank554 TaylorTank221 TaylorTank167 TaylorTank160 TaylorTank023 TaylorTank142 TaylorTank127 TaylorTank126 TaylorTank090 TaylorTank576 TaylorTank569