another day, another memory

So yesterday I spoke about keeping hold of memories by taking a photo of them.  So every day (for the next week)  I'm going to add a new memory to my collection. I guess it's my version of Dumbledore's pensieve  (now on another quick note if you haven't listened to the Harry Potter audio books by Stephen Fry - DO IT.  It's beyond mesmerising - it's now our soundtrack for EVERY journey in the car!  The answer is always an unanimous YES to 'do we want a bit of Harry!!)  But back to the point...

So I think often we make the mistake of only documenting those big events - the, what we call, 'important' events.   Don't get me wrong, it's important to do that ( that is my job after all as a Wedding Photographer!!).  But for me, it's just important to catch all those ordinary moments too.  I'm guessing they're the moments I'm most likely to forget - but so desperately treasure.

And on that note... (btw - there won't be a long winded post every day - just going to update this one - with maybe a small amount of commentary!)

Ladies at Lunch - these 2 are 2 of my favourite people ever.  We have been through a lot together over the last few of years.  We've laughed, we've cried, we've danced together.  We've leant on each other a lot - all equally.   But mostly when we're together,  we laugh - a LOT!   They will be 2 of the hardest things I leave.


Hardcore Hockey Training


Completely mental they are!! (Go here for more swing set shenanigans)


Making the most of the weather without rain!  ( if you want to see a WHOLE LOT of crazy trampolining - please make you way here!)


Boys and their toys!  It was just meant to drop down gently - but the wind caught it and away it went!


Oh Baby Bear... Bear doesn't even try to go into Mr T's office while he's away - but the minute he's back she likes to take up every last milimetre of space under his desk - she doesn't have to try very hard!!


Good morning Makenzy!!


Previous days...


Although this next one isn't of my home/children - it's still a memory for me.  Eventhough I was working, I had an amazing time at Dorothèe & Jeremy's wedding.  They're a french couple who embraced quite a few English traditions, but kept hold of their own as well - there was a lot of kissing!!  Although my French is more than limited - everyone made me feel incredibly welcome.D62B9711D62B8195D62B8179D62B8095