BBC Proms - London Photography

Mr T and I are big fans of BBC Radio 1 -  and I think it was on Annie Mac's show that Mr T first heard about Prom 16: Late Night With ... BBC Radio 1 - 20 Years of Ibiza special!  He got right on it then and there and tickets were booked within minutes.And SPECIAL it was - it was SO SO SO good - a proper dance party in the Royal Albert Hall, no less!  Everyone in seats were up and dancing for pretty much the whole 90 minutes.  The Heritage Orchestra were insanely good and Jules Buckley, well, I could watch him all day long - he must be THE coolest conductor I've ever seen - way cooler than my days in the School Orchestra and Concert bands (geek alert!)  And on top of ALL that, we were also treated to amazing performances by John Newman and Ella Eyre - it just couldn't get any better.

My evening started late afternoon in the Babylon, The Roof Gardens with a lovely Mojito (or 2) a table to myself, an amazing view and 'To Kill A Mockingbird' for company - before Mr T arrived.  The perfect start to a an evening perfectly finished off with Pete Tong and the Proms.