Best Kids Ever

So Mr T and I don't normally make a big fuss of Valentine's day - and not because we don't care - there's just normally a gazillion other things going on and as a lot of parents do, we make them a higher priority!

This year, our children had a different idea.

At about 5.45pm we were instructed to go and get changed into 'something really nice'.  We obliged and came down to what could only be a result of some 'secret squirrel planning'.  We had menus, we had mood lighting, we had a whistle to blow when we needed something!

The wait staff were responsive and attentive.  The Chef, clearly accomplished, cooked a most delicious meal.  And the planning was most apparent - with a heart cookie baked while I was on a tennis run earlier on in the week - I had NO idea - there was nothing to give it away  - which is in itself  impressive AND terrifying!!  So we had wait staff, we had our own personal Chef, we had a DJ - with music AND dancing!  They even loaded the dishwasher and cleared up.  Then they treated themselves to a bowl of icecream and a movie in bed!

We are so lucky and so proud of our 3 gorgeous children.  The best Valentine's ever.

PS - 10 points for whoever can guess what the lights are that Riley's holding!!