Camp Common Folk 2016 - Donnelly River

This time a week ago I was on an aeroplane to Perth, WA.I was on my way to Camp Common Folk to spend 4 days with a whole bunch of super creative and crazy talented photographers - none of whom I actually knew.  Nervous much? Hell yes.  I was riding on a rollercoaster of emotions starting from pure joy at the idea of being around 'my people' to sheer terror of being around 'these people' - most of whom would so totally have their shit so much more together than I ever would.  I was going without knowing a single soul and only discovered CCF by semi-stalkerish means and following a photographer there - whose work I have loved and admired since before I landed back in Australia. The fact I was mostly shit scared about going - was one of the  main reasons for booking and making myself get on that plane.

As it turns out, that roller coaster of emotions never ceased.  At one point I was almost ready to pack my bags and leave in tears - from the pure awkwardness I felt at not knowing anyone, and feeling like that every time I opened my mouth to try and have a conversation, it was pure dribble that ensued.  I had so many 'swallow me now dear floor' moments and I just couldn't seem to pull myself out of it.  I even tried to get myself drunk and let loose on the dance floor - cos I LOVE dancing - but it was like I drank myself sober - dammit! And so I hid behind my camera.

But that's not to say I didn't get anything from it.  I did. So so much. And I did meet some super amazingly legendary people and have been completely inspired to keep going at it.  I'm so grateful to have spent this time with them all - especially my cabin buddies and our neighbours.  All those early nights I intended on having and failed miserably. I am disappointed in myself - for not making more of it.  I still haven't quite worked out what was going on - I think I was just in my own head way too much and should have just let go.  I've also worked out that I'm not great in really big groups - much better in smaller groups.  Now I just have to learn to be ok with that.

So all I can do is to say such a huge f@$king THANK YOU to Jenna, Lauren & Glenn for organising such an amazing week with such legendary people. Thank you to Andrea, Dan, Jai, Jessica, Lucy, Alastair  and of course the lovely Tasj, who all pretty much blew my mind and hopefully know how much we appreciate knowing that we all share pretty much the same fears and insecurities. You have given me so much more than you'll ever know. Special thanks to Dan O'Day for being such a funny MF and providing endless photographic gold on the dance floor.

And extra special thanks to my roomies - Lucy and Genevieve. You helped me much more than you realise and I so value the friendship we have made. I'm so glad I met you.

And Genevieve to staying cool as a cucumber while I drove like a mad woman to avoid missing my flight because I may have been slightly distracted by the beaches at Margaret River.  No shit! ( see last few images as to proof of distraction! )

Words are clearly not my forte, so here are some pics - in no particular order. ** Dance floor pics will get a page of their own! ** *** PS - Lucy S - if the photography thing doesn't work out ( ;) ), you will totally rock the modelling thing!! ***

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