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Christmas 2014 | Australia | Part 1

So you may have heard we're moving - to Australia - sometime this year.  It's both very exciting and slightly terrifying all mixed into one.  But before we decided to move, we'd already planned to have Christmas in Australia - the first in 7 years.  We had 3 amazing weeks, with amazing weather, in amazing houses (thanks Mum & Dad) and generally had an amazing time.  We spent all of our time with family - in varying combinations - but we were always with family - and it was fab.   Over the years it's been getting harder and harder to say goodbye after visits with family - either here or there.  However, it wasn't too bad this time - saying goodbye - because I know it's not for long and what lies ahead is definitely worth the next few months of frustration, stress & doubt.

Here is our first week - well a snippet thereof!


Christmas 2014 | Australia | Part 2

Passport Panic