Dare 2 Week Daily Portrait Challenge - Day 11

OMG.  It's Ricky.I LOVE Ricky.

This is the man who cuts my hair.  This is the man, who, every time I go and see for my haircut, makes me feel like I'm in London again - which is a good thing.  I feel like I'm 25 years old again, talking about nights out, boys and swearing  - a LOT!  He has an energy and an honesty that you just don't see that often - oh and he cuts hair really really well.  He always makes me feel like a million dollars.

I would tell you where you can find him - but I'm too worried about not being able to get any more appointments with him - so you'll have to bribe me for his details!!

Thank you Ricky for being my 'Day 11' - I know you just hated every second of it!!  :)



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