Dare Challenge - 14 Portraits in 14 days

Another Dare challenge - to take a portrait every day for 2 weeks!

I'm so grateful to be a part of Dare.  Since deciding to move to Australia, it has been difficult to commit to Weddings while not knowing when we're actually going to be able to go!  So having these challenges helps to make me pick my up camera.  I really ought to set myself my own challenges - my camera is such a 'de-stresser' for me - and that can only be a good thing!

So each day,  for 2 weeks,  I took a portrait.  My intention was to use as many different people as I could - and not just my children.  Don't get me wrong - my children are so good at standing in front of my camera, but I felt that that would just be too easy.  So my own little challenge to myself was to try and convince some new ( who were mostly unwilling!) candidates to model for me!

It's not the easiest thing to do - to convince someone to let me have my camera in their face - especially when I don't enjoy it myself.   I was either very lucky, or very persuasive!  Either way - I'm very grateful to those who allowed me to use them as my models - I think they did beautifully!

Below are the images I chose for my final gallery!   Each day for the next 2 weeks I'll release the full gallery for each image - Day 1 is ready and waiting - just click on the first image - the lovely Eva!