Dare London October 2014

Ok.  Right.

I'm really not so good at the word thing - it always feels like someone comes along and says it exactly how it was in my head - but even better.   This time last week it felt a bit like having a hangover.  Well a hangoverwithdrawelsawakeningohShit kind of thing.  All in a good way mind.  I'd just spent 2 days in London on a Dare Photography Workshop.  Well we were all photographers there, but for me it wasn't necessarily a Photography Workshop.  Don't get me wrong - everything I learnt I can totally apply to my photography and business - but more than that, I've found myself applying it to everyday life.  (I've even started doing my Tax!! - I know!!)

I'm still impatient to become more successful, I still sometimes think I'm a bit shit at this and it's still taken me a week to work up the courage to write this and share the following images.  But now - now I know that's all OK and I don't quite have the same sense of panic that I'm not quite as successful as I'd like to be - right now.  But, now I know the only thing that is stopping that from happening is little ol' me!

Such a big big thank you to Gary, Claudia, Colin & Pat - and to all the other Darers who I've met - in 'real life' and on FB.