Eva Kecseti - Designer Leather Handbags

Meet Eva.

I met Eva a little while ago - just over a year I think.  Her daughter, Bella does gymnastics with my Makenzy.  You know how it goes, first you just say a passing 'hello' - sometimes a quick 'how are you?' and then one day you notice that she's always there with a different, yet equally gorgeous handbag.

'Ooh I love your bag!'

'Thanks, I made it.'

'Nooo - really?'

'Yes.  I design and make handbags'

Well, it was something like that.  She gave me her card and as a lover of leather bags and always on the search for that 'perfect' bag, I looked at her website as soon as I got home. And SWOON!!

Over the following months we discovered we have more in common than just a love for leather and doing the gymnastics dash - we have other daughters in secondary school, we're both artists struggling with the confidence to REALLY sell our art, we both love the outdoors and both have a love for wine/beer/cocktails!!

As I'm always up for something new to photograph, I thought she would be the perfect subject to do a feature on - I'd love nothing more for her to be recognised for the amazing talent she has - maybe in some small way, this little feature will help.