every day a memory

I've always loved taking photographs - especially of people.  My very first camera was a little point and click bright red kodak camera that I got as a birthday present.  There was much anticipation and  excitement  ( and also a bit of disappointment - people blinking, cutting heads off, out of focus, ruined film due to premature opening of the back etc etc ) when I got my films back and started to look through, what I considered, works of art - well sometimes!!  Sometimes it would be months after a birthday party, or a family get together that I would get my films back - but I was always instantly taken back to that moment - like it was only yesterday.  Photos can do that - they can take you back to a certain place in time to such intensity that you can remember what the food tasted like that night.  You can remember thinking 'it's going to rain soon - I can smell it in the air'.  You can feel the butterflies in your stomach you had when you were getting ready to go out that night and it was the night that you met your soul mate.  All those things - and so much more - all from one little photo.

That's one of the reasons why I do this.  But since I started taking these memories for other people - i sometimes forget to do it for myself.  Not long ago I went to a Photography Workshop ( if you're a photography feeling a little lost - definitely check this out).  Although it was for just 2 days - the reality is that it's become a Workshop for life - in a totally good way!  A week ago I was set a challenge of posting a picture I had taken that day - every day for a week.    Now you'd think that for a photographer that that would be easy.  And some days it is.  But some days it would have been so easy to let life get in the way and simply not do it.  But with having a challenge set, you make an agreement and although it was only to take 1 photo every day for a week I found myself being forced into picking up the camera when normally I wouldn't.  And I'm so pleased I did.  I've now ended up with some memories that I would have otherwise never again pondered on.  It's also made me realise that although this is now my job - it's still something I love and not only that, it picks me up.  Picks me up when I'm having a blip of a moment.

So, to cut an unintentionally very long story short - I'm going to continue my challenge.  For the next week, I'm going to post a picture every day of a memory from that day.

This is today's memory.

Bed time for Roo!!  Every night we have a bed time routine - equivalent of a secret handshake I guess!  Who knows for how much longer he'll want to do this - but it doesn't matter now.   Now I will remember forever.


And these are the ones I've taken over the last week...