Eweleaze 2015

This camping trip was going to be our last little camping adventure in the UK before we head off Down Under.  I had it all planned - in my head - long sunny days, morning swims, evenings around the campfire drinking cocktails.  Hey ho!

What we ended up with, was somewhat different.  The theme of our week (which ended early by the way because the weather was so bad) was RAIN RAIN RAIN - oh and a shed load of wind.  So much so we came back from a Pub dinner to find  a neighbouring family anchoring down our gazebo with small children and extra tent pegs.  It was mental!  Mark got out the super strong long twisty tent peg things, extra rope and eventually we felt we could retire to our tent.  We were so grumpy, wet and tired, we went to bed at 9pm!

That, however, was the worst of it.  The next day we had the lovely Wilson-Whites arrive - armed with super strong cocktails (that took immediate effect!!) and although we couldn't sit around a campfire, we did have room to play cards.  A LOT of cards!!

With the weather forecast never really promising anything other than misery, we made the most of any pockets of sunshine and so a few swims we still managed - even if one session was during a downpour - which actually makes it all a bit more fun!

The WW's left - only to be replaced with more cocktails and laughter in the form of the Reads.  It was their first 'proper' camping experience - and they came with such a super attitude - despite the weather forecast - and my grumpiness - that we couldn't help but have a good time.

** NB - the photos don't actually do the bad weather justice and make me sound like I'm moaning for no reason.  Trust me - it was BAD!!