Forgotten Fields - Day 3

So our 3rd day at FF was somewhat more subdued than the previous two.  It was still just as hot, but there were certainly no cocktails consumed - and not a drop of Jaegermeister to be seen!  The children still had their fair share of turns on the, what I like to call 'flying chair' - resulting in us scrambling for those last few golden nuggets in the bottom of our pockets!

The previous 2 days had clearly taken their toll on the teenage contingency - with the obvious lack of enthusiasm in participating in the ' PUT YOUR HANDS IN THE AIR ' during De La Soul's set!  They didn't even have the excuse of a hangover, so we (the parents) clearly still have a lot to teach these youngsters!!

All in all, we had a great weekend, with some fabulous friends.  That is, afterall, what it is all about.