LOVE YOUR FRECKLES - Shoot #1 - Saffron

This started off as a little Dare challenge - to be done before Christmas.  But just prior to this, Ashley and I had been having a conversation about her freckles and why she was determined to be allowed to cover them up....'but Mum, clear skin is so much nicer...' Whaaatttt??  And then I realised that you see very few freckly faces in advertising.

So this project is my little contribution to proving to my daughter, that what you see in a typical magazine, is not the only beauty out there.

I found Saffron through a FB post, calling out for some gorgeous freckly faces.  And gorgeous freckly faces I got - so many repsonses, I was blown away.  Saffron is 17, in Yr 12, super sweet and so easy to work with.  I'm so grateful to her Mother, Steph, for driving her here for our shoot.

Meet Saff, my first Freckle Face shoot - hopefully the first of many.