Geometric Jess

So another Dare challenge - only this time it was set by one of my fellow graduates - Lee.  This time the brief was 'to create a geometric architecture type portrait. What I mean is that the frame will be dominated by the architecture and geometric elements, with a person in it'.    

To begin with, I was completely stumped - in terms of what I would use as the geometric architecture.  It's funny how I clearly walk around and see things, but don't really 'SEE' things.  Thankfully Mr T, and his super Googling skills, came to the rescue and came up with a location that I've walked passed many times, but not really noticed.  

The next thing I needed was a model!  I managed to talk my friend Jess into come along with me.  We had quite a giggle really - even if she does hate having a camera in her face - you'd never know would you!!

These are the results of our collaboration - mine, Mr T and Jess.  Now all I can see is geometric architecture everywhere - mostly on The Game of Thrones set!!  And it was a great challenge Lee - thank you.