Glastonbury 2015 - Day 1

Glastonbury 2015 - well what can I say?  You didn't let us down!!

Mr T and I went for the first time last year.  We returned, this year, with some trepidation, but mostly excitement.  We knew it would be different - last year it was just Mr T & me and our friends, Kate, Steve, Liz & Andy.  This year we ALL took our children!!  So we went from a party of 6 to a party of 13!  And it was us who had the youngest in tow, with our Riley Roo.

We needn't have worried.  The kids were awesome.  We left every day at about mid morning - the kids laden with snacks, drinks, waterproofs, layers and anything else they snuck into their backpacks.  They carried it all themselves.  We walked miles.  And they weaved like demons through the crowds (lead by our illustrious crowd weaver, Liz!)  They were never phased by the crowds and really only ever had a smile on their faces ( or were asleep as we made camp at any given Stage for a wee while!)

We didn't get to see everything we wanted - but to be fair, I don't think anybody does.  What we did see, we loved and will treasure for a really long time.

So this is Day 1.  (Obvs the 1st two images are a few days earlier of my frozen mojito prep.  Frozen cocktails all the way baby - that's how we roll!)  This is the day where we set up camp and then go in, to explore - before the crowds engulf you on the Friday.  It is a day of many #selfie's and not shy of a photobomb or 2!!  And most importantly, NO RAIN!!!