'LONDON! baby' & Men's Hockey

Last weekend Mr T and I took T5 on tour to London, Baby!!

Although we have truly embraced and love all things Dorset - I still love our trips to London.  We didn't move away because we didn't love it - we just wanted something a bit different for the children for a while.  And soon we'll be giving them something different again - by moving to Melbourne - back to the city lights!

Before we move, we're trying to make the most of all that this fab country has to offer - and with 2 out of 3 children loving their Hockey, and having not visited the Olympic Park yet, we thought it was something we should put on the list!  And CHECK!  Done!  Men's Hockey - GB vs AUSTRALIA - at Lee Valley Tennis and Hockey Centre!  Wowzers it's a fast game - and an aerial game!  And we loved it.

Being back in London, has made me even more excited for our impending move to Down Under and back to life in a city!