Lucy & Piri - Pre Wedding Shoot - Regent's Park - London

I can't wait for Lucy & Piri's London Wedding in January - these 2 are so gorgeous - inside and out - that they're going to make my job super easy!!  We met up at the Garden Cafe in the Inner Circle at the Regent's Park and then went off to the Secret Garden.  Now I'm not going to divulge the exact location - and not because I don't think you should see it (because you so so should) but I think I'd like to keep it a secret for a little bit longer.  It is in fact a public garden, but it would seem that not many people know about it - which meant that I could snap away at Lucy & Piri without too much of an audience!  Happy days and happy faces all round!   After the Secret Garden we then met up with Piri's parents who had brought down Humphrey (otherwise known as Humph or Big Chops)  to join the shoot!!  He behaved perfectly and clearly loves the camera - either that or he just simply loves 'his people'!

Another sneaky peek in B&W (yay!!) - it would seem that Lucy & Piri are as big a fans of B&W as I am (double yay!!)