More Ordinary Moments

I don't know about you - but these are the moments I want to remember in years to come.  Little ordinary moments of real life.  The moments that often get pushed to the very back of our memories as if they don't really matter.  And why is that?  Because they're not all singing and dancing sparkly memories??  They're not the moments pushing to the front demanding to be centre of attention?  It's for this reason I believe we need to take care of these ordinary moments - it's what real life is all about.  It's easy to remember the BIG moments, the BIG events.

Surely these little moments are just as important.  They are more so for me.

These images are Makenzy finally finding a book that get's her turning the pages way after 'lights out' time and being so proud of the fact that it only took her 17 days to read a book with over 500 pages!!  It's Riley reading to Ashley (after Ashley offering to listen to him read, no less) and having a peaceful moment - together. This is a memory definitely worth looking after - especially for these two!

So yes, these may be ordinary moments.  For me, they're extraordinary memories.