My Favourite Five

Another Dare challenge.  This time set by a fellow graduate no less.

The challenge?  To pick 5 of our best images we've taken so far this year.

Oh man?  My BEST??  I like to think that all my photos are the 'best'.  I put my heart and soul into every single image I take - whether it's for me or for my couples, or for my families.  I know that sometimes I make mistakes - and sometimes I love what those mistakes produce.  If nothing else, I learn from them - what not to do and what to do again.

I also feel incredibly loyal to my images - and those who are in them.  What I mean is, that I don't want anyone to think that I didn't pick their image as my 'best' because they're in it/not in it.  Apart from that - this is art.  And art is subjective.  What I think are my best - someone else might think is complete rubbish.

I digress - but basically I have way toooo many images to try and just pick 5 'best' ones, so I've done a very quick scan and picked out some of my 'best' memories.  And I've kept it to just images of my children - that way I hope not to offend anyone....

So here goes...

1.  This was taken at the beginning of April this year.  Yes, April.  We live about 30 mins away from this beach and when we left home, the sun was shining, the sky was blue and we were all set for our first visit to the beach for the year.  Best laid plans and all that.  The sun was there - just hidden behind the thickest layer of mist.  The temperature had also dropped by 5 degrees.  But the thing I love about this image,  is that it shows how hardcore my kids ( and their friends ) can be - it made no difference that I sat on the beach all day in my winter coat - they were all in, in it together.


2. Oh man these guys.  So 3 of them are mine - and the other, well we've known her for so long, she feels like one of mine too.  These guys might not be related, but they're family.  And this is pretty typical of what they get up to - and always have done.  It's these times, that we're going to miss terribly ( in case you missed it we're in the process of moving to Australia).


3.  So when Riley Roo entered our lives, he changed it forever.  We were expecting girl no. 3.   Instead we produced, what we feel, a true definition of a boy.   There are way too many stories to prove my point.  However he has pushed us to the edge and back, on so many occasions and every single time, he has won us back over in one simple move - the cheekiest smile of all time.  This was taken at Easter and I love it because it depicts a very rare moment of calm - albeit while climbing a tree.


4.  This is my eldest.  She blows me away - constantly.  She is cool, she is funny, she is gorgeous.  And she doesn't even know it.  This is her being all those things, without even trying. D62B6405

5.  My muse.  Makenzy has always been the most complient when it comes to me shouting ... ' ok, who's going to come and stand in front of my camera???''  She is also completely black and white.  She says it as it is and rarely holds back.  I know it's going to land her in a whole lot of trouble one day, but I also hope she never loses it.  She also has great hair - perfect for wind swept shots - which are some of my favourite.