My Favourite Place

Eggardon Hill, Dorset 2015

This is one of my most favourite places ever.  I don't know what it is about it that I love so much - but I really do!  This time we met up with our good friends Neil, Amanda and Baby Daisy (who isn't even nearly a baby any more, but that's just how she's known in our family!)  We met Neil and Amanda many many years ago - in Kakadu National Park, Australia - like you do!  And we've stayed in touch and good friends ever since!  It's certainly not a weekly friendship - but it's definitely a 'pick up where you left off' friendship.  We're really going to miss them when we head Down Under to live.

T5 got there first - which is a first in itself.  It's a rareity that we're anywhere on time - especially when it's all 5 of us trying to leave the house at once.  Inevitably there's quite a bit of toing and froing before we actually close the gate and head off!  This day was no exception, but we were early regardless.   There was just enough time to fit in the family shadow selfie before the others arrived.  We'd said to bring a kite - normally it's blowing a gale on Eggardon.  But no, not this day.  Neil, however, ever the Boy Scout (and only in a good way!) was prepared and so we had a brilliant game of 'softball/rounders/making-the-rules-up-as-we-go-along' (and when I say we, I mean Riley!) kind of game.  What better place to be playing a game like this with a view like that.