Passport Panic

This time last week the kids and I made a made a mad dash to London, to London!  A long story short, I discovered at the 11th hour that the children (now that they have Aussie citizenship) need to travel into Australia on Australian passports!   Cue: panicked phone call to Australian Passport Office and making appointment for 4 days before we fly.  (I'm actually writing this the day after said appointment and keeping all fingers and toes crossed that it all happens and Mr T picks up the passports tomorrow without a hitch!)  So - although the children didn't need to be at the appointment, with the Passport Office so strict with their photos ( and being caught out before - another story!) I decided it would be wisest to take them with me.  It was easy enough on the train and as an added bonus we met up with Mr T for dinner at Belgos.  And as a double bonus, we got to see the London Philharmonic Orchestra (well the beautiful Brass section anyways)  play at London Waterloo - it was just lovely - it felt like I was walking around on a movie set with a live soundtrack!  Oh and the lights.  The Christmas Lights!  I do love Christmas.