Shooting Strangers - Dionne - Bournemouth Portrait Photography

Dare project - organise a shoot with someone you've never met before and take photos of them either in their home or at their work place and then post only 15 images.



There's so much to say about this lovely lady - mostly though I wish I'd met her years ago.  We met at her Studio in Bournemouth, above The Winchester.  I was warned that it was in bit of state - due to recent rennovations having started (the day before!!) - but we persevered.  I love meeting new people - but haven't always been brave enough to do something like this - but Dare and Dionne have both inspired me to find the time to do this a lot more.  I love hearing other peoples' stories - and boy does Dionne have a story.  I was only with her for a few hours but I now know so much about her  - she's a strong independent woman, naturally creative & talented and fiercely loyal & protective of her friends and family.  The hardest bit about this shoot was to choose only 15 images.

Meet Dionne....