Shooting Strangers - James - Wiltshire Portrait Photography

Dare project - organise a shoot with someone you've never met before and take photos of them either in their home or at their work place and then post only 15 images.



James is the resident artist at the Hawk Conservancy Trust in Andover.  I met him at his home in Enham Alamein.  He lives in a really old house - and I mean really old.  I promise James I was listening - but my memory has let me down as to how old.  But people - I'm talking OLD!  We had bit of a wander around and then we went to the Hawk Conservancy where I met Tolkein, the Milky Eagle Owl and Fagan, the Vulture.  Now, I have to confess, I'm not a big fan of birds - and when James pitched the idea of visiting the Hawk Conservancy, I had my reservations.  But in the spirit of Dare, I mustered my courage and went forth!  And now - I have to say, that I may just have been converted to being a friend of the feathery kind.   Thank you James for oganising this - and thank you Gary for helping me find my inner dare.

And so - in no particular order - meet James...