Soul on the Sea

By now you may know, that sometime this year we're moving to Australia.  We're very excited about it - but there are certain aspects that we're not looking forward to.  Like leaving our good friends behind.

Three of us have decided to have a bucket list of things to do before I go.  One item was to go Northern Soul dancing.  From the moment I saw John Newman's video, Love Me Again, I was hooked on it and so desperately wanted to give it a go.  It's taken us a while to get organised, and to conjour up enough courage to go - but we did it!

Saturday night we made our way down to Bournemouth in our 'not quite a stretch' limo and chauffeur (thank you Kay!), had a quick drink for some dutch courage and then made our way to the Pier for our first Soul on the Sea event.  I'd already been in touch with the organiser, Lewis, to make sure it would be ok to take my camera - and so eventually after a few more drinks, I plucked up enough courage to strap on the camera and slide onto the dance floor.  There was talcum powder and everything!!

Honestly, when we first arrived, I was blown away.  I think I just stood and gaped (apologies to everyone there) for the first 10 mins.  I'd seen it (the dancing) on You Tube - but never in 'real life' before.  It was fab!

We met so many lovely people and everyone was so friendly.  They didn't seem to mind that we clearly didn't really know what we were doing and yet at times managed to almost take over the dance floor!

It really was such a fantastic night - with an eventful journey home!!  Can't wait to tick off the next bucket list item!

Here's just a few from the night - for the full gallery  - go HERE.