Surrey Newborn Photography - Baby Elizabeth


Meet the Pay It Forward Winners - Nikki, Ed and their gorgeous baby girl, Elizabeth.

I went 'old skool' to pick the winner - the good old 'name on a piece of paper picked from a bowl' method.  I had so many deserving nominations and if I could, I'd love to make them all winners.  ( AND maybe they can be - watch this space for a very special offer on a Family Portrait session).

Nikki and Ed were nominated by one of my 2014 Brides - Kirsty.  They were about to have their first child when I let them know they had won - in fact I think my email probably arrived just as Elizabeth was being born - 2 weeks early.

In fact, baby Elizabeth's first photo shoot was 2 days before her actual due date!  She did ever so well while having a strange lady stick a camera in her face - and her parents behaved beautifully also!  All in all, it was a lovely shoot - I love new babies - it seems such a long time ago for me now - with my youngest nearly 9!

Happy Tuesday.

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