Sweet Light and Makenzy - Melbourne Portrait Photography

Have you been looking to have some portraits taken - but don't want the same old, 'looking like a cheeseball at the camera' type thing??  Then maybe I'm exactly what you're looking for!

This is what can happen for you too.  All I need is some sweet light, a tatty old sofa and a willing participant. Actually - they don't even need to be that willing - I have a lot of tricks up my sleeve to be able to persuade enough co-operation to get some gorgeous portraits to last a lifetime.

We're pretty much nicely settled in Melbourne now, and I'm biting at the bit to get shooting again. As long as you're wiling - I'm able.

MelbournePortraitPhotographer_July16-15 MelbournePortraitPhotographer_July16-8 MelbournePortraitPhotographer_July16-3 MelbournePortraitPhotographer_July16-10 MelbournePortraitPhotographer_July16-6 MelbournePortraitPhotographer_July16-16MelbournePortraitPhotographer_July16-4 MelbournePortraitPhotographer_July16-17 MelbournePortraitPhotographer_July16-12 MelbournePortraitPhotographer_July16-7 MelbournePortraitPhotographer_July16-11 MelbournePortraitPhotographer_July16-18 MelbournePortraitPhotographer_July16-13 MelbournePortraitPhotographer_July16-2 MelbournePortraitPhotographer_July16-5 MelbournePortraitPhotographer_July16-14