Swingset Shenanigans

So 3 children in 3 1/2 years has had it's moments of crazy.  But for the most part it has been good crazy.  Mr T and I so often pinch ourselves as to how lucky we are with our 3 little friends.  They're all completely different from each other and all have their own big personalities.  One thing they have in common is that they all have their fears, but so often they have very little and are willing to let loose and go a little crazy.  I love that in them. 766A0262766A0268766A0270766A0273766A0276766A0280766A0293766A0299766A0304766A0315766A0316766A0350766A0355766A0358766A0363766A0364766A0372766A0373766A0376766A0383766A0390766A0392766A0398766A0400766A0404766A0407766A0415766A0421766A0425766A0426766A0433766A0437