The Power of 3 Little Words


The title could be misleading – I’m not talking about THOSE 3 little words (ie I love you!) – although these could apply as well.  No, I’m talking about ANY 3 little words.

If you’re reading this, you’ll be reading it on my website – on the Blog bit.  Like so many others out there – from photographers, artists, mums, dads, musicians, to just plain bloggers – I use my blog to reach out to you!

I use mine to share my latest work.  Work that I put my heart and soul into and I share with pride - no matter what it is – a recent wedding, another DARE challenge or simply some pics of the latest T5 adventure.  I carefully take, edit and choose every image to best represent who I am as a person and to show the skills and passion I have for photography.  I create my blog post, publish it, check it over a few times, copy the link, take a deep breath and then share it on Facebook!

I have a love/hate relationship with social media.  I get it.  And at the same time resent it.  It’s given us (small business owners) such an easy way to get our work out there and at the same time it can be the fastest route to self doubt.

So I’ve shared my link on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram ( I haven’t quite mastered the art of / or even know about the gazillion other mediums that are out there now!) - and wait.    And wait.

Ooh – 1 Like, 2 Likes.  25 likes.  Yay!! …… No comments.  Sad face.  The thing about Facebook (in particular) is that it’s almost too easy.  Yes, I like this, so I click LIKE and move on.  And it’s handy in this day and age where everything moves so fast and furious.

However, for my little business (and many others I’m sure) I need a little bit more.  It’s all to do with SEO I believe (Search Engine Optimisation – again I really ought to have a much deeper knowledge about these things).  The short of it is, though, the more you interact with my website, the more the word gets around about it.  So yes, LIKE my link in FB – thank you.   But to make my day, and make my website work a bit harder for me,  leaving a comment will make my day.  And it's not always about my ego, although it really does help me have a little more faith in myself.  I know I ought not to rely on other people's views for my own happiness and reassurance, but sometimes it really helps to hear from someone else that they think I'm doing a good job!

It recently occurred to me, that if you don’t have a Blog, then you won’t appreciate what an impact your comment will have.  I realised that even I have been slacking in this department – and quite often don’t leave a comment on the website – and refer back to Facebook.  This is going to change.  Look out -  I am getting ready to comment my arse off on your websites!

If you’ve taken the time to click on the link and have a snoop at my lastest imagery (OR anyone elses website – this isn’t ALL about me you know!) then please take an extra 3 seconds to leave a comment.  It only has to be 3 little words – but for us, it will make all the difference.

Mr T and I are forever saying to our 3 children – ‘if you don’t have anything nice to say, then don’t say anything at all’…. .  An event that occurred early this year made us realise that we should also be shouting … ‘and if you DO have something nice to say, say it NOW’.

Next time you read a BLOG and love what you read/see, then let that Blogger know.  Not only is it good for our business, it’s great for our soul!

Here are some simple examples of ‘3 little words’ – feel free to use any or all!!

-       Lovely work Anna

-       You’ve rocked it!

-       I totally agree!

-       You’re always right!!

-       Bloody awesome work

-       Fist pump, baby!

-       Oh, that light!

-       I love this.

-       I love you!!

And all of these took less than 2 seonds for me to type!! ( NB - the image is from the 'Wish' Riley left at the Wishing Station at #Glastonbury2015!  Obviously you can always leave MORE than 3 words, or even just 1 - there are no rules here!! )

With the biggest thanks in advance.... xxx