Top 10 - Children at Weddings

To have children at your wedding or to not have children at your wedding?

For some - it's a very big question!

The way I see it - there are pros and cons for both arguments and you just have to go with what YOU want! Sadly, I think many couple lose sight of the fact that their wedding day is, in fact, THEIR wedding day. And it really is OK to do it your way.

So if you LOVE children and can't imagine your day without them, or have friends with children who would find it tricky to come to your big day without the children - then have children at your wedding.

If you love children, but actually want your friends who have children to have a 'grown-up' super fun night without their children - then don't have children at your wedding!

There's no wrong answer - only what's RIGHT for you!

I've being to weddings in both formats - with AND without. And both work beautifully.

Below are some examples where there have been children and how I think for these weddings, they've definitely been in the 'pro' column!

Flower Girl Beauty. Children at weddings - especially in the bridal party, can bring a whole new level of 'wow' to your wedding. And generally always in a good way! I've also seen how children's inhibitions can bring a new level of calm to a nervous bridal party! One's own nerves can generally be put to one side, when you're either looking out for a little one - or being shown-up by a little one!



Child Labour. Children are simply quite handy to have around to help out. Especially at a DIY Wedding where it's all hands on deck.



Children First. It's amazing how fearless children can be. If, for example, you have an irrational fear of birds (ahem) then you can always 'hide' behind the ruse of you actually being considerate and letting the children have first go!



New Shoes. This is a gorgeous little Flower Girl - trying on some shoes from the Bridal Party! One could even say she was wearing them in for the Bride. Now that's almost Queen like!



Save the Dress. When it's a lovely warm Summer's Day, and you have a really little one with you,  you can just strip them down for meal times.  Surely this saves on washing. That's a big tick in my book - any day of the week!



Stress Ball. Personally, I think that having children around during Bridal Prep, can help bring the stress levels down a notch. With a little face like this watching you get ready, how can you not feel a little warm and fuzzy all over - and not just from the bubbles!



Breaking the Ice. Children are not afraid to get properly stuck in at the 'throwing confetti' stage. Which helps to get everyone else on board. There's no such thing as too much confetti!



Dance Floor Antics. There's nothing like watching kids let loose on the dance floor. It's amazing how inhibited they can be - which is also completely infectious.



Take it all in. I've noticed that your wedding day can go by in a flash.  Mine certainly did. So it's good to have a little person close by who's happy to take a quiet moment out. It's a good idea to follow their lead. Take a step back, take a deep breath. Take it all in.



Such Fun. Actually at the end of the day, children at your wedding can just be super fun. If there's no other reason than that.