Top 10 - Dance Floor Moves

I love to dance!I'm not good at it, but have always loved it! I remember when I was only 6 or 7 and being told I was going to a Disco - I still remember the excitement and dancing around singing 'I'm going to a disco.  I'm going to a disco!'.  Only to be told 10 minutes later that I was going to a 'BISTRO' not a disco!  Doh! The disappointment was immense. I made up for it in my young adult years and spent many a Saturday/Sunday morning nursing my aching feet from shaking my groove thang till the wee hours! I still sometimes get that Friday feeling - that feeling of 'YES - it's Friday and I'm going OUT! - now I just turn the music up nice and loud and dance around the kitchen - with maybe a cocktail or 2!

So it's not surprising that one of my favourite parts of the wedding, is the dancing. It might be the end of a very long day for me, but the minute that music cranks up and everyone loses their inhibitions (especially the bride and groom for their first dance) then it's game on.  I shoot wide, (which is geeky photography talk that means I have to be pretty close) and so I love to get out there on that dance floor right in amongst the action. By then I've pretty much made friends with everyone, so it just feels natural that I should be out there too! That and the added bonus that I've mastered the art of dancing AND taking awesome dance floor action shots.

I have absolutely loved being at these weddings and being able to feel like a real friend, or even part of the family. Future Brides & Grooms - no pressure, but I can't wait to see what moves you pull out on YOUR dance floor!

I thought you brought the music?

So these guys had an amazing day.  Everything going to plan. Gorgeous location, didn't rain (good for the UK), lots of food, lots of drinks, lots of laughs. It was all going so well. Although they had a band arranged - their first dance was always going to be DJ'd. They had the perfect song picked out - too easy. Erm, except they forgot to bring it! No dramas - they quickly picked a new one - and committed - straight in. This was taken about 1 second into their First Dance!


Barefoot & Dancing

I am all about doing whatever makes you feel comfortable. So, if that means you want to lose the 5 inch heels and feel the cool grass between your toes - you go right ahead.


Dad Dancing

It happens all over the world. Don't fight it.  Just go with it. You never know, your Dad might just have some moves you can learn from! These guys had an actual 'Dad Dancing' competition. The talent was fierce - and the moves were... well memorable!


Never miss a chance to dance!

You don't have to have band. You don't have to have a DJ. You don't even need a dance floor! Clear a table or two, grab your besties and just embrace the moment, and dance.


Darling, don't ever be too shy to dance your heart out.

This is what happens when the music is just too good and you kind of forget that it's not YOUR first dance. This is pure inhibition. And should totally be encouraged on any dance floor.


Do it big, do it right, do it with style. - Fred Astaire

OMG - one of my all time favourites. These guys knocked it right out of the park. Not known for their dancing skills - these two took lessons and practiced their routine for quite some time. The result ... .... they 'First Danced' like a BOSS!


Cut loose, footloose, gotta kick off my Sunday shoes - Kenny Loggins

Put your hands in the air and wave 'em like you just don't care. Honestly - there is no judging on the dance floor.


Nobody puts Baby in a corner - Johnny Castle

This has got to be every girl's dream - surely! This is the time that Dan made Andrea's dream come true. Dan and about 20 other people! Safety in numbers and all that! More 'reliving movie moments' ?  Yes please.


Don't ever look back

This was such an epic moment on the dance floor, that it requires 2 images! Crowd surfing is always photographic gold - and surely a lifetime's worth of kudos. Seize the moment - just make sure that there is at least 20 people in crowd!


There's always one

Don't be afraid to go crazy on the dance floor! There's always one that will take it that step further. No judging though - hats off to anyone who can clear this much space on the dance floor. You gotta be doing something right! ;)