TOP 10 - Getting Ready Moments

I think it's actually one of the nicest parts of the day.Getting ready for your wedding. Getting ready with your 'besties'. The nerves bubbling away - either just below the surface or in abundance above the surface. Bubbles flowing - in general. Or if it's too early, a strong coffee. (IMO - it's never too early for bubbles!!)

These are some of my favourite moments from over the years. And I never take it for granted how lucky I am to be there for these moments.

Last Minute Lippy. Lipstick only takes seconds to reapply - and you only need a small reflective surface for this.  Some of you are so gifted, that a mirror is not even needed - this is when I have proper 'Lippy applying evny!'. This is the gorgeous Kate applying a last minute touch up before her small and intimate, and by all means, no less gorgeous, backyard wedding.



The Veil. The veil is usually one of the last things to go on. This is Dorothèe's mother looking on as Chris carefully attaches the veil. It was not long after this that Dorothèe and Jeremy first saw each other as part of their 'First Look'. I love the idea of a 'First Look' - it gives the couple a chance to have a quiet 5 minutes with each other before the rest of the day ensues and goes by in a flash.



Bubbles & Giggles I think I mentioned earlier, that in my opinion, it's never too early for bubbles.  Of course, I remain ever the professional and stick to the H2O while working.   And I love nothing more than to see my wedding parties, having just that.  Bit of a party!  It really doesn't have to be a stressful affair - getting ready for one of the biggest days of your life. Your wedding day. So, pop those bubbles, and having a lovely serving of giggles on the side. This is the gorgeous Anna (nee Taylor no less!) getting ready for her super cool & edgy barn wedding.



A Puff of Perfume It's just one of those things.  It has to be done! This image has made it into my Top 10 Getting Ready Moments, simply because I love the expressions. The ever helpful mother assisting her daughter with the application of some (not entirely wanted) perfume, while said daughter attempts to eat her lunch without a mouthful ( and nose-ful ) of spray! This was the beginnings of Ben and Lizzy's gorgeous day - and also happened to be the closest to home Wedding I've been to so far!



The Anticipation This is one of my favourite wedding images. I love the light, the composition - it tells a story. Of anticipation. Of what's yet to come. Another stunning moment while getting ready for Anna & Rich's wedding.



The Dress Oh my. That feeling when you put your dress on - and not just for another fitting. It makes it all very real. This is your wedding day! Deep breath. This is the ever so gorgeous Lucy just before marrying the just as gorgeous Piri. You can see their whole swanky city affair here.



Mother & Daughter It's another appearance for Kate in my Top 10 Getting Ready Moments. This was a gorgeous moment with her mother, while getting ready for her intimate backyard wedding. There will always be someone willing to help with your dress.



Tying Ties It's not just the girls who might need a hand with those finishing touches - I've not yet shot a wedding where one of the boys doesn't need a helping hand with the Tie tying! Ben was all over the Tie tying - giving his Best Man a hand just before heading off to marry his gorgeous bride.



Tie Tying Take II Of course, you can always rely on YouTube to teach you to tie a Tie! And then you can admit defeat and let one of your mates do it for you (which is exactly what happened 5 mins later!) All when Anna married Rich.



Just Being Together Waking up together.  Getting ready together. Just ‘being’ together.