top 10 wedding venues in melbourne - converted church

TOP 10 Wedding Venues in MelbourneI'd most love to shoot at.

Having moved to Melbourne not that long ago, I'm still finding my feet - in terms of Wedding venues anyway.  I've been doing a fair bit of Internet trawling and have made a list of locations I'd love to shoot a Wedding at.

I've picked venues for various reasons. Some for the light.  Some for the moodiness.  Some for their location.  Some for their quirkiness. Most of all, I just really really want to shoot a wedding there!

Today I present to you - the Converted Church.


So as soon as I left Converted Church, I was determined to go home and find myself an old Church and renovate it  just like this one.  I'm pretty sure there is nothing I would change.

Having arrived a bit early, I took my outside images, thankful that the sun was exactly where I wanted it to be - although with floor to ceiling windows, light for Converted Church is never a problem.  I was warmly greeted by dynamic mother/daughter duo, Roz and Nicola - a respectful nod, I feel,  to the female ministers who ran and used this chapel as their headquarters until 1902.   Roz is responsible for CC's (Converted Church) current beauty, and as you'll see, has done a beautiful job.  Keeping the essence and heart of the Church alive, and yet creating a wonderfully modern and sympathetic space - all perfect for that dreamy & romantic wedding.  Nicola manages CC and you will find, that she does this with the same attention to detail and care that her mother has taken with the renovation work.

I always have a rough set of questions to ask.  Although I’m much better with images, than with words, so it’s more like talking points, rather than hard-hitting journalistic content!

So here goes.

Converted Church 278 Gore Street, Fitzroy, 3065

Numbers 40 guests (max)

Food & Drink Pretty much anything is possible.  The fully equipped large kitchen would enable either yourself, or your caterers to serve any number of delicious dishes.  In the past, both Yum Catering (paella, tagine cooking, duck fat roasted spuds etc) and Private Dining Room (fine dining) have showcased their culinary delights at CC.  Both company's provide taste testing.

What works best at Converted Church? Being a beautiful heritage listed building in the heart of Fitzroy, Converted Church easily caters for couples of all religious beliefs.  The high ceiling,  large arched windows, long open hall, and not to mention the courtyard, all contribute beautifully to having either sit down events or a humdinger of a cocktail party.  Tables can be spread the length of the church hall for either the small intimate dinner to much larger events.  While Cocktail events also work perfectly with lots of space for standing, window seats and antique seating and more intimate areas to explore.

What's your favourite thing that you've seen done at Converted Church?'Every time we have an event, I think that one's the best. They do seem to be getting better and better. Our last event we had two very different cultures coming together. Gothic style- velvet red roses, dark chocolate cake, black candles, antique décor, live music, beautiful food.

Chef’s Harry Corder & Jo Barrett event with ‘Private Dining Room’ catering was very memorable. The destination was secret for guests, they entered through the laneway, were served drinks in the basement, and had beautiful long tables set up classically in the entertaining space.'

EntertainmentAnything’s possible- DJ/ live music/ BBQ/ Bar/ projection display/ photobooth/ etc.

What would you like to see that a couple haven't done yet? 'I'd love to see the whole church covered in foliage & florals!'

What are Converted Church's best features?'The 1859 bluestone Church – the 3m high Palladian windows, the old wooden double entrance doors, original painted religious writing in scrolls on wall, the two sets of double gates in bespoke letters design, the large kitchen, mezzanine balcony perfect for taking photos above the guests...'

And personally - I would add the unique courtyard - offering a lovely outdoor space - private and completely unaware that it's located in the centre of Fitzroy!  It's just calling out for a canopy of fairy lights!

Nicola's favourite movies and musicLove Actually, all of Audrey Hepburn's movies and romance films. Game of Thrones reminds me of this space - I just want to sit on this throne and sip wine from a goblet!

Which ever way you're inclined - historically rich or simply modern, Converted Church can cater for your needs.