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TOP 10 Wedding Venues in MelbourneI'd most love to shoot at.

Having just moved to Melbourne (ok, so about 6 months ago now!) and I'm still finding my feet - in terms of Wedding vendors anyway.  I've been doing a fair bit of Internet trawling and have made my list of venues.  I found a few of them on Wedshed’s blog – who I might add, I’m a vendor for myself!

 I’ve picked these venues for various reasons. Some for the light.  Some for the moodiness.  Some for their location.  Some for their quirkiness. Most of all, I just really really want to shoot a wedding there!

This is Farm Cafe.


OK. Let me stop you right there. THIS IS A FARM IN THE MIDDLE OF MELBOURNE. AN ACTUAL FARM.  IN THE MIDDLE OF MELBOURNE. Ok, now I've got that out of my system... Farm Cafe is part of Collingwood Children's Farm and is only 5km from the centre of Melbourne.  It comprises of 7 hectares of paddocks, gardens, orchards, rustic buildings and not least of all a managerie of animals.

So, other than all that..... Farm Cafe is a blank rustic canvas for you.  There a few different areas to either choose from - or use all of.  And you'll get your own 'wedding wing man' to help you create the perfect wedding just for you and your people.

What I love about this place, other than the fact that it is an ACTUAL FARM IN THE MDDLE OF MELBOURNE, is that it really is a working farm.  So this means, that there is no setting up in the Barn, until after the cow has been milked at 4pm!  Fret not - your creative masterpiece will come to fruition in time for you and your guests to arrive and see only a reception of beauty.  Your team of 'wing people' have got this process so down pat, that actually the cow could use her prerogative and choose not to be milked till later, and the army that is Farm Cafe will still have everything done to perfection and on time.

I sat down with the lovely Rose, who will more than likely be your first point of contact - before having your very own 'wing man/team' allocated to  you!  I always have a rough set of questions to ask.  Although I’m much better with images, than with words, so it’s more like talking points, rather than hard-hitting journalistic content! So here goes.

The Farm Cafe at the Collingwood Children's Farm 18 St Heliers St, Abbortsford VIC 3067

Numbers The Cafe: ~50 seated, 70 cocktail The Barn: 100 seated, ~140 cocktail The Paddock: how big is your marquee/teepee?? Ceremony - The Oak Tree: over 100 seated

Food & Drink Oh man - I would love to be a guest at a wedding here - just to be a part of the food sensation! To put it plainly - the food is simple, hearty, rustic, PLENTY of it and ever so delicious. They source the best free range and organic produce and their veggies are supplied by Somerset Heritage Produce.

There are a few different options and they are generally seasonal and totally customisable. So whether you go for the Grazing Table ( a bit like a buffet, but sounds much more inviting imo!) or the Shared Platters (where the food comes to you) or the Cocktail menu of Finger Food, you know one thing for sure - your guests will not leave hungry!

In terms of beverages, it's BYO, so you get total control over what your guests consume, and the peeps at The Farm Cafe supply the rest - the bar set up, the glasses and the staff.

What works best at The Farm Cafe? Well, you certainly wouldn't classify The Farm Cafe as a 'formal' venue.  If you're looking more for a relaxed social environment and where social grazing and long feasting tables (imagine Harry Potter's Hogwarts feasts!!) are encouraged, then The Farm Cafe is the place for you.

What's your favourite thing that you've seen done at The Farm Cafe? Every wedding is so different - that's the beauty of the Farm.  But two that stand out are: - Teepee's in the paddock - they have a gorgeous indoor/outdoor feel to them and are pretty cool to look at! - an intimate reception in the Cafe - just 40 people, but the Cafe was done up beautifully and you just can't have too many fairy lights

Entertainment There's no real limit - DJ's, Live Band, Acoustic, whatever takes your fancy

What would you like to see done that a couple haven't done yet? I'd love to see an open air dinner in the paddock.  I can just image long feasting tables all under the open skies, with a few strands of festoon lights thrown in for good measure.

What are The Farm Cafe's best features? The fact that you can have the ceremony and the reception all in one place.  And the food - definitely the food.

Rose's favourite tv/movies & music I'm loving Atlanta - created by Donald Glover (Community) Montaigne, Bec Sandridge

Open spaces, rustic barns, quirky spaces, a good old fashioned Aussie windmill and even a peacock with attitude - The Farm has it all to offer!  That and scrumptious food on feasting tables - all at an actual farm IN THE MIDDLE OF MELBOURNE!!!

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