TOP 10 - Wedding Venues in Melbourne - Panama

Over the coming months, I'm going to be doing a little feature on the

TOP 10 Wedding Venues in Melbourne I'd most love to shoot at.

Having just moved to Melbourne, I'm still finding my feet - in terms of Wedding vendors - and so I thought I'd start things off with the 'Venues'.  I've been doing a fair bit of Internet trawling and have made my list of venues.  I found a few of them on Wedshed's blog - who I might add, I've just become a vendor for myself!

 I've picked them for various reasons. Some for the light.  Some for the moodiness.  Some for their location.  Some for their quirkiness. Most of all, I just really really want to shoot a wedding there!

First up is Panama


Ahh - Panama. In a beautifully restored warehouse-esq building, you enter Panama by climbing an unassuming, yet super cool staircase to the 3rd floor.  My breath was instantly taken away and I think I even said a little 'wow' out loud!  It's such an awesome space and you instantly feel that little bit 'cooler'  just by being there. And then there's Gab. If the venue isn't enough to convince you to use Panama, meeting Gab definitely will. He's like a tall gentle giant and clearly knows what he's doing - without any stress or panic.  We chatted away, like old friends,  with a bit of Leon Bridges in the background.  If I hadn't had to do the hockey training run that night, I would definitely have tried one of the many delicious looking cocktails on offer. I would go back - just for the cocktail menu!

I always have a rough set of questions to ask.  Although I'm much better with images, than with words, so it's more like talking points, rather than hard-hitting journalistic content! So here goes.

Panama Level 3/ 231 Smith St, Fitzroy 03 9417 7663

Numbers Sit Down - Up to 150 people Cocktail party - 200 people You can have the whole thing at Panama - from the ceremony to the dancing! Perfect for a Winter Wedding for sure.

Food & Drink Panama offers an Exclusive Use Menu Package - which you can come and do a tasting of. Drinks wise, there is a full bar and a load of delicious cocktails!

Favourite things you've seen done at a Wedding at Panama Just before the dancing,  a round of cocktails ( eg Espresso Martinis ) is a great way of getting things going. Late night snacks - cutting a few grooves on the dance floor can work up an appetite. Snacks can be brought out about 10pm-ish which is a great re-fueller. Replacing the entree and dessert with canapés - this way people can mill around and not be sitting for too long.

Entertainment Anything is possible - Bands/ DJ's/ Live Singer, Live Guitar during the ceremony. Panama has even seen an 8 Piece band at a weeding before.

Gab's favourite cocktail(s) Boulevardier, Old Fashioned, Black Manhattan

Gab's favourite Artist and TV Leon Bridges House of Cards & The Killing (although he said this makes him sound far more serious than he actually is!)

Wedding Advice There is no 'best' way - it's your day, and just do it the way you want.

There are endless possibilities as to what you can do with the space at Panama and Gab will only be too pleased to work with you on this. Below are the images I took while I was there - you'll see that I was drawn to the corner 'snug' (2nd picture down). If you're looking for a stress free, super cool, city venue, I'd definitely give Gab a call -  or just drop by for a cocktail - or 2!

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