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TOP 10 Wedding Venues in Melbourne I'd most love to shoot at.

Having just moved to Melbourne (ok, so about 6 months ago now!) and I'm still finding my feet - in terms of Wedding vendors anyway.  I've been doing a fair bit of Internet trawling and have made my list of venues.  I found a few of them on Wedshed’s blog – who I might add, I’m a vendor for myself!

 I’ve picked these venues for various reasons. Some for the light.  Some for the moodiness.  Some for their location.  Some for their quirkiness. Most of all, I just really really want to shoot a wedding there!

This is my second Wedding Venue's feature.

This is Rupert on Rupert.


Oh Rupert. How I fell for you immediately. Tucked away in an unassuming street in Collingwood, as you enter, you immediately wonder what 'Looking Glass' you've just wandered through.  This is a space I could happily spend my day - actually 'living' the good life - let alone just dining here.  As a converted old steel factory, you'd never think Rupert had been anything but it's current super cool, multifaceted, 'has everything you would want in a city wedding' venue.

From the minute I walked in I was coveting pretty much every single piece of furniture they have - including the display motorbikes.  I've already designed my next house to pretty much match the whole colour scheme that Rupert has - dark moody teals to vibrant orange accessories ( ** nerd alert ** a colour scheme, I might add, that is used in many a feature film - Drive as an example, also The Good Guys - all to do with the colour wheel - check it out!! )

On another nerdy photographer's note - the light in here is to die for.  With pretty much half of Rupert illuminated by it's high ceilinged 'conservatory',  natural light also pours into corners of the Cocktail lounge and main dining area.  I can't wait to see Rupert at night - lit up in all it's glory - and ceilings that are simply calling out to be decorated in thousands of fairy lights.

Owners, and husband and wife team, Ric & Mali are the hairy (Ric only! ) and gorgeous faces behind Rupert -  and with it quite often being a family affair in that their daughter also has a role to play.  Rupert is their family - not just the building - but all their staff as well - so to have a wedding at Rupert, would be like having your wedding with family - not just a wedding planner.  And that's what weddings are generally about - bringing family together. Rupert is the perfect place for just that - bringing family together, with family.

I always have a rough set of questions to ask.  Although I’m much better with images, than with words, so it’s more like talking points, rather than hard-hitting journalistic content! So here goes.

Rupert On Rupert 73 Rupert St, Collingwood 03 9419 7702

Numbers Sit down - up to 80 people (120 people if seating guests both in the Main Dining Hall & the Conservatory) Cocktail - up to 200 people

Food & Drink 'To start the food conversation off, you'll start with the current canapé selection.  Then, at your very own consult, and once your own unique vision has been established, you'll look at past menus and tailor something that works just for you.' An option is to go in and do some taste testing - and why wouldn't you!!! - and they absolutely can cater for any dietary requirements - in fact next year they're hosing a fully vegan wedding.

What works best at Rupert? 'Seated weddings are best suited for a more intimate numbers and for couples who don't have their heart set on dancing - as the main Dining Hall (first picure below) doubles as the dance floor - and therefore needs to be clear if a good boogie is on the agenda.  Sit down wedding receptions bring a beautiful sense of reverence to the night, and the sheer beauty of a long table laden with candles, flowers and a lavish feasting banquet, is absolutely magical under the soft amber lights and hanging plants'

'Cocktail Style celebrations work fabulously at Rupert, and allow couples to move fluidly between the distinct spaces.  They are usually more playful, relaxed and spontaneous and tend to appeal to a more contemporary couple. We pride ourselves on delivering a sumptuous cocktail style menu that does not entail guests chasing staff for tiny morsels that do not even touch the sides.  We offer an abundance of both canapés and small bowls for substance, and tailor our menus to suit each individual client'

What's your favourite thing that you've seen done at Rupert? 'We recently had a couple create a verdant wonderland in the Conservatory area, by employing a floral stylist to build on the existing green story; she bought in an abundance of lush plants to cascade from the overhead steel beams.  We set up a long table down the entire Conservatory, with guests seated underneath the lush canopy. Add the starlight twinkles of our overhead festooned lighting…sooooooo pretty!'

Entertainment 'Entertainment is limited only by the imagination.  We recommend a number of fabulous DJs and acoustic performers, but we’ve seen flash mob dance sets by the bridal party and groomsmen (hilarious), stand up comedian celebrants (more hilarious), and surprise musical performances from young kids (more brave, less hilarious).'

What would you like to see done that a couple haven't done yet? 'I’d love to see a cheesy duet between a couple, and anything that adds soulful romance to the proceedings. '

What do couples never ask you and wish they did? 'If I would like to come with them on their Honeymoon! I get very attached to my couples!'

What are Rupert's best features? 'The vast, beauty of the physical space is obvious, but the absolute beauty of the staff is what makes Rupert truly special. The underlying culture at Rupert is one that celebrates heartfelt, respectful and joyous service, and this is what most couples seem to remember the most from their experience at Rupert.  We also have two long term couples that are integral owners of the business, and we are all four unapologetically feisty, passionate, and devoted to sharing the love at Rupert!'

Mali's favourite movies & music Begin Again, Love Actually, About Time James Vincent McMorrow,  Darkside, Nick Cave, Leonard Cohen

Come rain or shine, hot or cold, Rupert has a pocket of light for every occasion. If Rupert's bricks and bones aren't enough already, it's the heart and soul - the people of Rupert who will fill you with a longing of wanting to be a part of this family too.
















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