Unplugged styled Elopement shoot - Hampton, Victoria

I had a vision.It started with my bathroom.

Slightly weird I know - but we're currently renting a house with a gorgeous bathroom (and light!!)  and ever since we moved in, I wanted to shoot in there.  Anyway, the bathroom shoot evolved into an elopement shoot.  Then I met Cathleen - who makes THE most beautiful wedding dresses. And a plan evolved.

These images are the result of that vision.

And although this is a 'styled' shoot - it's kind of exactly how I imagine the ideal 'elopement' goes. Waking up together.  Getting ready together. Just 'being' together.

Big big thanks go out to Cathleen who provided the dress, direction and bag holding.  To Brazen Models who provided 2 gorgeous humans to be my bride and groom for the day.  To Siobhan and Jonno (said models)  - who only met this day - for being proper sports and putting up with my slightly awkward weirdness.   To Ricky for her entertainment whilst turning Siobhan into the blushing bride.

And lastly to whatever gods may be out there that provided us with THE most stunning winter sunset that anyone could have asked for.

In no particular order .....

nutshell-142 nutshell-21 nutshell-53 D62B6949 nutshell-104 D62B7319 D62B7273 D62B7566 D62B7961 D62B7924 nutshell-90 D62B7860 D62B7452 D62B7283 D62B7205 D62B7104 D62B7867 D62B7938 D62B8044 D62B7418 D62B7137 D62B6907 D62B7900 D62B7337 D62B8131 D62B7073 D62B7011 D62B7991 D62B6909 D62B7491 D62B7055 D62B7776 nutshell-13 D62B7714 D62B7801 D62B7003 D62B7699 D62B8002 nutshell-27 D62B6931 D62B7974 D62B8054 D62B8147 D62B7026 nutshell-83 D62B7943 D62B8074 D62B8133 D62B7228 D62B7640 D62B7430 D62B7305 nutshell-51 D62B7414 D62B7556 D62B8194 D62B7304 D62B7246 D62B7743 D62B7279 D62B7597 D62B6966 D62B7818 D62B7113 D62B7605 D62B7193 nutshell-7 D62B7927 D62B8093 nutshell-86 D62B7395 D62B8016 D62B7345 D62B8035 D62B8058 D62B7734 D62B7483 D62B7403 D62B7236 D62B8190 D62B7623