A walk with the family

With busy weeks and what feel like even busier weekends, sometimes it's hard to find the time to do simple things like take the dog for a walk with the family.  But actually I think it's becoming less about 'finding' the time and more about 'making the time'.  I announced I was going to take Bear for a walk, on Sunday morning,  and that we should all go - cue the ' argh do we have to?'.... 'I don't want to'.... 'do we ALL have to go?'.....  I stood my ground and after a bit more moaning, procrastination, & and a suggestion from Maks to go to Batcombe, we set off.  It didn't take long for them to be racing through the woods, going 'off-road' (off the path and through the trees) and forgetting that they didn't want to come in the first place!!

When are they going to learn that I'm always right!! :)