Dorothèe + Jeremy - Wiltshire Wedding Photography

Dorothèe & Jeremy - a very cool french couple - embracing English traditions as well as keeping hold of their own - there was a LOT of kissing!! - as well as some new traditions - they had a 'First Look'!  It may have been the 1st November, but you would be forgiven for thinking it was the 1st October - it was such a mild beautiful day - it could never have been predicted!  However, how very 'cool' the wedding was going to be - I totally knew from the moment I met these guys for their Pre-Wedding shoot back at the end of August.  They didn't disappoint.

From the venue, to his suit, to the Vintage Bus, to the super cool band to their very cool guests, to their amazing 'first dance' routine.    A lot of thought had gone into the day and I was honored to be amongst some truly talented and professional people (Chris, Emily & Groovestone)  Some of the work was kept 'in house' too!  With  Jeremy designing the Seating plan and Menus and cousin Jennifer who designed the invitations.  All in all - it was simply a gorgeous day.  These are my favourite moments....


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