Wedding - Kirsty + Paul - Maunsel House, Somerset

I've been looking forward to this wedding for a long time now.  I first met Kirsty & Paul last year - with Mark (who works with Paul) and we quickly became good friends.  They've even come to Withyhook for a couple of weekends with our crazy kids and even crazier dog.  They're very chilled out guests and from the conversations (there weren't that many Kirsty!)  we had about the wedding, we knew it was going to be a good one!

For starters, Maunsel House is stunningly beautiful and eclectic with beautiful gardens and too many perfect portrait locations for a Wedding Photographer to choose from!  Then of course was the dress - stunning - and then the masterpiece of hair and make up that the ever so lovely June Kelly created - well it was just a perfect match.  Paul and his boys all looked super dapper in their suits and the flowers were to die for.  The food was amazing, the band were on fire and the Hog Roast was unlike any I had tasted - or seen.  The thing about all of Kirsty & Paul's choices was that not only were the services that were provided were AMAZING, the people who provided them were SO friendly, calm and just fab.  It really was like they just had a whole lot of mates around for the day.

Guys - it was such a fab fab day and I loved being there from the beginning to the end.  I hope you've had an amazing Honeymoon - I can't believe you're back already!  We'll have to get you down to Withyhook soon. xx.  This is just a very small snippet.....

Almost forgot - but all the invites, website, seating plan, table decorations and stationery were all done by Kirsty's very talented brother, Mark.

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