Wedding | Wet Melbourne Garden Wedding - Chloe-Rose + Michael


I’ve got so much to say about this  Wet Melbourne Wedding – it’s hard to know where to start.

I guess for starters, it was typical ‘Melbourne Weather’.
We had pretty much all 4 seasons in the one day and not least of all the heavens opening (and then some) just minutes into the ceremony.  However, Chloe-Rose and Michael are proper troopers ( as were all their guests) and so out came the umbrellas and the show went on.  The rain continued and which meant we had to abandon the family photos.  So we just met up on the Sunday to catch up on what we missed on the Saturday.


Chloe-Rose + Michael getting ready together
Typically your wedding day feels like it goes by in a flash and as a Bride and Groom (or Bride & Bride or Groom & Groom) you don’t always get that much time together – on your own.  I love the idea that by getting ready together, you’re really starting the rest of your life together as you mean to go on – together!

Their super relaxed vibes
As soon as I got to CR & M’s place – I knew I was going to be in for a treat – it was all super relaxed, beers on the go and a playlist to die for on repeat – there’s nothing quite like getting ready to a bit of David Bowie!

Their super cool strides
Bow ties, sparkly blue Jimmy Choo shoes, a killer short dress and some rad sunnies to set it all off.

Their floristry
I’m not normally one to go on about the floristry – I am definitely more of a people and emotions kinda gal.  But the floral delights – including the arbour – were something else.  And I loved that they were BRIGHT – perfectly matching lippy and polish!  A huge shout out to Raven and the Rose– your creations were perfection.

Their people
Like I said, I am totally 100% a people and emotions kinda gal.  And CR&M have some properly awesome people in their lives.  Honestly – it really pissed it down during their ceremony.  However, other than the umbrellas, it was if they didn’t even notice it.  There were too many smiley emotional faces for me to think that anyone was too bothered with the rain.  That’s not to say, I think everyone was pretty grateful there was a break between the ceremony and reception at the Lucky Penny – just enough time to people get themselves dried off and make-up re-applied!! 😉


Special mention has to go the following:
Small Print Pizza Bar for letting us take shelter and sign the wedding certificates out of the rain.
They also provided us with towels, no questions, to start to dry off at least a little bit.

Without further ado, please enjoy what was Chloe-Rose and Michael’s (very wet but wonderful) wedding.

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