What's on your wall?


I've finally managed to order some prints for myself AND get them into frames.  I've even picked out where they're going to go - all I need now is a nail in the wall and we're done.  I wish I had more wall space to put more photos up.  Now that I have finally got a few images framed, it seems such a shame to have so many hiding away on my computer.

Now if you know me, or have looked around on this website, you will have noticed that I'm not what you would call a traditionalist - certainly not in terms of what I would classify as the perfect family portrait, that's for sure!  The above image is one of my all time favourites of my 3 children.  It's how I will want to remember them when I'm WAY older - exactly as they were in their childhood!   It has also been framed and is one of the first photos you'll see when you walk into my house.

So the images I've picked to go up on my wall, will probably not come as a huge surprise.  And it got me to wondering - what do other people choose to put on their walls?  It's such a subjective thing - and there is no right or wrong answer - but I'm intrigued to know.  If you've had me take some pics for you - wedding, family, baby - anything - I'd love to know what images you picked to go on your wall!

These below images will very soon be on mine!  What's on yours??